Design thinking training

Design Thinking is in its essence the process of applying user centricity, rapid innovation and testing to business strategy and product innovation. While the name has turned into a major buzzword and trend over the last years, the impact of the process especially in the fuzzy front end of innovation processes has shown to be remarkable.

In this 2 day training, we will not only cover the basics of Design Thinking, but also go into various day-to-day applications, from strategy definition to product development, with an eye on feasibility.

What you will learn

At the end of this training, you will

Design thinking concepts

Understand the concept and approach of Design Thinking, including user centricity, idea generation and prototyping

Customer-centric design

Gain scientific insights on the results of user-centric innovation methods


Learn how to implement and integrate the practice to empathize with your customers and/or users


Lean how to fast build a prototype to test and validate your ideas

Use cases

Discover and share use cases from various industries

Accelerate innovation

Learn how to map, test and validate your assumptions and accelerate your innovation process

Training program overview

This training is accessible to anyone interested in Innovation and Design thinking. It’s a 2-day program with lecture and practical exercises and applications.

The training can be provided on-site* and online (infrastructure provided by us).

* Paris, Berlin and Casablanca. For other locations please contact us directly.

2 days



Day 1

  • A bit of history
  • The Design Thinking Concept
  • Other innovation methods
  • Scientific Insights
  • Why do we need Design Thinking?
  • Overview of the Design Thinking Process
  • Empathize – Gain insight and inspiration
  • Define – Detailed problem statement
  • Ideate – Idea generation
  • Prototype – Build a first testable version
  • Test – Gain feedback
  • In Business Strategy & Innovation
  • In Product and Service Innovation
  • In Product Development
  • In Service Delivery
  • In Marketing
  • In Customer Service & Operations

Day 2

  • Guided iteration through the Design Thinking process on a relevant problem statement
  • Sharing and discussion of results and takeaways
  • Design Thinking in various organizational settings
  • Discussion on opportunities and considerations for implementation
  • Identification of application opportunities and barriers in your own organization
  • How to integrate user feedback?

All slots canceled

Due to the actual Covid-19 situation, the planned trainings have all been canceled and payments have all been refunded.

In the meantime, you can check our webinars or contact us to organize online training sessions