Our Values

Respect means embracing diverse ideas and building cultures that support the health of everyone involved, giving ownership and credit to everyone's contributions. Respect means co-creating solutions with users and customers rather than treating them as numbers. And respect means giving back more than we take from our environment.By showing unconditional respect for our colleagues, customers, users, partners and our planet, we strive to do our part in building a sustainable future. 

A great team can achieve more than its parts, and we can’t fix major challenges by reinventing the wheel or working in silos. Collaboration means open exchange of ideas and knowledge. It means taking into account different perspectives. Collaboration also means working together to build a great company.For us, there is no competition in working towards a more sustainable future - the more forces are joined to make an impact, the more chances we'll have to achieve our goals.

Evolution means continuous learning. It means being open to new ideas, and turning feedback into improvement. Evolution is also about creating an environment where personal and professional growth can happen.As a young company, it is easy to evolve - but we want to keep evolving as long as possible. 

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